QSource is leading staffing firm offering specialized Executive Search and Professional conscriptions in all fields. Our strategic and tactical solution is our key to meet our clients’ Human Capital requirements. Our effective planning, organizing and practical value added Human Capital solutions help companies enhance their productivity and improve their profitability.

Our strategically built hiring program ensures the best fit for your business requirement. We not only just search the required talent for you; but we also observe candidates’ complete personality in terms of stability or self promotional attitude.

We offer a variety of Human Capital solutions that save’s you lot of time and enables you to manage effectively and effortlessly. Our hiring solutions help you reduce your employment liabilities while handling short span or seasonal workloads.


Our Hiring Approach Makes Sure You Get the Right Talent

Our strategically designed specialized hiring solutions make sure that you get the right candidate. We help companies hire experienced and right talent.

We Discover Values Not Just the Possibilities for You

Our lateral hiring programs thoroughly study skills and potential of the candidate. Our purposefully designed research programs ensures the best fit for the job. Our hiring processes completely avoid the cases of sudden flurries or fishing through self promotional attitude of candidates.

Focused and Objective Oriented Recruitments

We save your time by directly focusing on required skills. Our well planned recruitment programs only focus on specialist candidates or employees from competitors without wasting time in placing ads and scrawling into job inboxes for responses.

Time is Money – Save Time and Achieve Better Growth

Our time-proven recruitment programs incorporate every social medium to accomplish recruitments for our valuable clients. We have our vast “Candidate Pool”, continuously developed & maintained by our dedicated team of recruitment specialists who screen profiles according to skills and proficiencies of the candidates.

Your Goal is Our Success

Our placement potential is a result of our collaborative sourcing strategy. We work in association with Headhunting, networking and Resource Database sourcing strategies and have huge portfolio of successful placements. Our unique and client specific recruitment strategy is our key in achieving significant reductions in lead times.


Handle All Your Short Span Workload Spikes or Backlogs with Our Contract Staffing Solutions

QSource offers staffing solutions for all your resource requirements and help you reduce employment liability irrespective of the duration of the workload. Capitalize on QSource’s staffing ability. Our dedicated sourcing and screening gives you the industries’ best talent in the form of top quality resources.

Save Time, Spend Less and Manage More Effortlessly

Save your additional cost of qualified resource hunting, hiring & laying them off afterwards with our contract employment services; wherein we serve you with the right QSource talent for your requirements. We hire contract technical staff for our clients and are solely responsible for paying all the staff benefits to our employees.

Benefits Associated with QSource Contract Staffing
Gain Access to Broader Experience

QSource enables you to explore untouched opportunities from our pool of educated and broadly experienced talent. Contract employees have exposure to diversified technologies. They have fresh & innovative ideas.

Anytime Resource Availability

Stay free from long hiring processes & get your resources immediately as and when required with QSource contract staffing solution. Our contract staffs are well settled with the changing environments & deliver values to our client organizations.

Extended Interview Opportunities

“Try before you buy” - QSource gives you leverage to offer full time employments to our contract employees depending on their productivity and reliability.

Cost Effective and Risk Free Hiring’s

Eliminate your pre & post hire costs with our contract staffing solutions. QSource takes the ownership for pre & post hiring formalities of QSource contract staff and give you urgent access to candidates with required skill sets.

Do More with Less

Save your organization considerable time and money in finding qualified candidates with our contract staffing solution. QSource has the resources, tools and connections to manage every need, volume and expectation of our clients.

Manage Uncertainties

Manage difficult times effectively during economic instabilities & fluctuations with our contract staffing services. Save your cost of finding the best match that fits your expectations by using our contract employees as profitable alternatives.


QSource offers operation optimization services and enables you to manage your complicated and large operations smartly.

Process Streamlining

Manage your large and complicated operations easily and effectively. Our operation optimization services allow us to enhance your deliverability by breaking the bigger tasks into the smaller routine tasks which are quite simple to manage, track and maintain with great precision.

Save Resources

Establish a cost-effective environment with QSource operations optimization strategies. Drive a perfect solution for your cost sensitive work environment with our solution approaches that will not only save the highly skilled resource requirement but also give you the opportunity to explore talent from the less skilled resource pool.

Better Precision

Establish a flexible operational architecture and experienced the full spectrum of benefits with Qsource optimization solutions and strategies. Get accurate precision in the operations and tasks. Maintain equilibrium with full correctness by reconstructing your existing processes and bring dramatic improvement in business productivity.


Evaluate the contenders on their skills with QSources E-Pariksha assessment services.

E-Pariksha is QSources proprietary and a self-developed tool by our team of high-end professionals. It facilitates volume based evaluations and ensure qualitative compliance.

Opportunities Associated with QSource Assessment Services
Reduction in the Interview Cycles

Minimize your entire meeting cycles with our assessment services and increase the chances of exploring more talent opportunities by conducting volume based assessments or interviews. Fasten your recruitment process with our assessment service and get the best-fit candidates as per your requirement.

Real Time Interview

Present real-time questions to candidates and assess them in the real time scenarios. Unlike regular online question portals we at QSource offer real-time interview questions to the candidates and solutions for that from our Technical experts as well as from our clients.

Cost Reduction for the Direct Interviews

Save your interviewing cost drastically with our cost effective assessment services. Provide us the list of your questions that gives you the exact understanding of the person of the candidate as per your requirements. Qsource E-pariksha will instantly help you in Decision-making on scalable candidates based on their respective assessment results.

Improve the Transparency

Improve certainty in the interview results and bring transparency in the operations. QSource is committed towards the reliability of the results with their wide-spread assessment mechanism.


Managing Everything with the Bird’s Eye View is the Key of Successful Leadership

Recruit right kind of executive attitude for your organization. Get domain experts with in-depth knowledge and allow your leadership teams to align migrant marketing conditions to the ever-increasing customer expectations to meet business goals.

Strategic Mix of Talent Attraction and Acquisition Processes

Get the best suite of resources for your requirements with our strategically designed executive recruitment approaches. We judge candidates not only on their expertise but also on their relationship skills and cultural assessments, through our blended way of resource recruitment and ensure the best fit for your company & your needs.

Our broadly spanned executive recruitment services recruit across all levels, chairman, Directors, CEO, CFO and much more.

Criticality is All About Meeting Priorities

Address your criticalities with our Executive recruitment services. Our widespread national & international network of offices help you get right talent on time. Our unlimited pool of talent allows us to serve you the best even in the times of s hortages.


Simplify Your Complicated Recruitment Processes with QSource RPO Solutions

QSource manages all or part of your recruitment processes as an RPO provider. We assumes ownership of solution designs, management of recruitment processes and responsibility of the associated results. We at QSource offer the best suitable strategic recruitment solutions with respect to your complicated & unique business policies and recruitment processes.

Improvise Your Recruitment Processes While Others Love the Way It’s Always Done

We enable our clients “do more and better” with our specifically designed services that help them to improvise their recruitment efforts. Our team of experts works together with the company’s recruiters to bring success in the ongoing recruitment processes & activities by getting hold of the right talent.

Benefits Associated with QSource RPO Services
Spend Less Save More

Stop spending money on costly headhunters or job boards; and stay away from lengthy outdated hiring processes with our effectively strategized RPO services. Find good candidates in less time with less money.

Aligning Recruitment with the Growth

Match your rapid organization growth & resource recruitments with QSource RPO solutions. We help you scale your fluctuating recruitment needs with your business needs, as and when required.

Enhanced and Stable Hiring’s

Improve your hiring quality with capable candidates that have not only achieved success& stable education but also have qualities that determine their intentions to stay stick with new role. Improve satisfaction level of the Hiring manager with your accomplishments in terms of successful & stable candidate recruitment processes.

Build Employment Brand

Make your business a better place to work with our RPO solutions. We help you build yourself as an essential identity of your company, with our strategic employment solutions that not only brings in the right talent for you but also build a brand reputation so that people will love to work with you.


Our customer driven approach help us identify the needs and behavior of our customers. We understand their core strategy & help them getting right expertise for the required positions.

Our interaction strategy with our clients helps us align our firm’s strengths to the customer needs by understanding their preferences, progress and their transformation.

We manage 2P's – Performance and Perception by listening to our clients, identify the shortcoming, explore new opportunities and implementing the suggestions that enable us to improve the competitiveness by identifying opportunities to develop new services.


We know that when people feel rewarded, have peace of mind and time to enjoy life, we all do better. Our comprehensive benefits are part of a total compensation package that helps you today — and helps you plan actively for tomorrow. We provide our employees with world-class benefits and performance-based compensation packages that helps them to keep the goal in their mind always.

For more information, check with our Human Resources Department.


QSource a trusted advisor to organizations and widely recognized resourceful industry leader. We help our clients identify, attract and hire the best industry talent for their business requirements.

Our extensively experienced and domain specialized teams of experts identify, access and deliver top class talents to our clients. With our systematic approach of dealing with specialized talents, we deliver the most endowed brains that possess the right kind of attitude and ability to perform any task with the utmost excellence.

Our comprehensively developed resource solutions have enabled us to deliver Human Capital Solutions everywhere across the Globe. We offer a wide variety of resource solutions like Lateral Hiring, Executive Search, RPO, Train & Deploy, Contract Hiring and much more

We have our International network of offices across US and UK that enables us to source talent for our clients from all over the globe.

Our dynamic hiring processes and methodologies ensure the best fit for our clients in all conditions.

QSource proudly commits to the clients requirements and ensures to deliver the best suite for them.

Our Vision

Delivering the best to our clients by enabling them to establish a competitive challenge with unconquerable market talent.

Our Mission

To endow with the best approaches that promote recruitment to a higher level, continuing optimized approach for our clients which not only save their efforts and money but also deliver them the best to do the best.

Our Achievements

We proudly announce our achievements with our renowned clients that encourage us to accomplish and set new benchmarks.

Positioned over 800 resources to Tier 1 companies.

Provides fast turn-around time.

Fast response time with dedicated specialized recruitment teams.

Quick and Effective client engagements.

Fast recruitment team response.

Reduction in lead times by over 50%.

Offers customized recruitment solutions for permanent positions.

Efficiently handles exclusive requirements.

Serves as a one-stop shop for all domestic and abroad staffing needs.

Proficient in handling complex resourcing assignments involving overseas components.

Our Executive Team

We believe in our employees and consider them as precious assets without whom the company would have not have been where it is today. The management team consists of highly experienced IT professionals who have successfully carved a niche for themselves in the global work place. ‘Meeting Customer Needs’ runs in our DNA. The Primary Pillar to whom the organization owes its existence is Mr. Rao Telidevara.

Rao B. Telidevara: Chairman

Rao B. Telidevara is the Chairman of Qatalys group. He is MS- Computer science and MBA from Colorado State University and Cox School of Business- Southern Methodist University respectively. Mr. Rao is a seasoned entrepreneur with three decades of rich experience across 2 successful ventures. He also served as various capacities in organizations like ONGC, Satyam Computers and IBM- America. He was awarded “Best Entrepreneur Award” presented by ex-Prime Minister of India on behalf of American Telugu Association (ATA) at Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

Life @ QSource

QSource – Much beyond … Not just a place to work

We at QSource believe that ‘Happy employees make happy customers’, and thus we provide our employees a workplace that is more than just a place to work.

We believe that healthy work environment help our employees find work life continuity, connecting effectively with each others, reduce stress, develop team spirit and optimize performance. QSource is not just an organization but a “QSource Family”. We at QSource ensure our employees live with us. We give our employees an opportunity to work with our diverse teams for a common cause that they are more passionate about.

We understand that success of every individual is the key of our success. Our employees are our precious resources. We have created a supportive environment at QSource that help us to understand our employees better so that they can always work with full concentration. Our work policies empower our employees with the knowledge and develop them with values.

Here is a snapshot of our various initiatives that inspires our employees:

Leaves and Incentives:We adhere to Extended and Maternity leave plans and benefit. Employees are encouraged for their performances periodically with performance incentives.

Open Door Policy:Considering our every employee as precious QSource resource we welcome and encourage employees to share thoughts, suggestions & concerns.

Flexible Timing:Our flexible hour work policy allows our employees to maintain a balance in their personal and professional lives and thus enables them to give their 100% in their job.

Relocation Policy:Our relocation policy facilitates our employees to relocate to any of our branch offices at any point as and when required according to the changing priorities with the time.

Employee Development Programs:QSource keeps conducting regular in-house programs focusing on overall employee developments in various domains as We believe in internal promotions first rather than hiring sources.

Fun and Festivity @ Work:From time to time, we keep infusing numerous fun elements at the workplace followed by rewards. Every festival is celebrated with zeal, enthusiasm, eagerness, sense of belongingness and a feeling of togetherness.

Employee Referral Schemes:We encourage staff to recommend like-minded people to join us with QSource Employee Referral Schemes. As a reward, we extend referral bonus to employees who refer new staff.

Annual Conferences:Every year, we host annual reviews wherein deserving employees are recognized.

We will be glad to embed your talent in QSource. Get yourself hired with us by sending your profile to or give us a call to any of our offices.


QSource is the right place where you can follow your passion to grow, and satisfy your urge to be creative. It is the exact place where you can do extremely well with your never-ending thirst for knowledge.

QSource is the place which gives you an opportunity to grow with the opportunities. We believe in sustaining through the right talent with the right attitude. Our challenging work environment encourages you to bring diversity in your profile by working in the domain you have the desire to work.

QSource has always been a top-rated employer, at all the times because of our competitive strategies that are helping us to stay matchless to our competitors.

  • Incredible opportunity to work with top-notch IT organizations.
  • Ongoing training on latest technological advancements.
  • Individualized support for enhanced professional development.
  • Attractive incentives, recognition and appreciation for outstanding performance.
As an asset of QSource, our employees are eligible for multifarious benefits:

Insurance policies:QSource ensures that every employee should be covered under the group Medi-claim insurance policy and personal accident policy.

Leave & Holidays policies:The average number of paid leaves at QSource vary from 9 to 12 days. The holiday calendar runs from January to December. However, holidays might differ based on individual assignments.

Employee Support Policy:We offer individualized assistance to any kind of queries you may have from time to time. Our dedicated support team for every division is always there to ensure employees are supported in their professional journey at every point of time.

Statutory Pay-outs:All QSource statutory contributions are compliant with legal requirements and policies.

Mythri Fund:At QSource, we believe that Social Advancement should resonate with the Company's growth and development. A token amount is contributed by each Employee towards Social activities that play a positive role in impacting the lives of our Society.

Other Benefits:

  • Employee Referral Award Program.
  • Paid Time Off.
  • Relocation packages and much more.


FINANCE EXECUTIVE Bangalore & Chennai Finance 2 Years 2 26-12-2015 DETAILS
HR GENERALIST Bangalore & Chennai HR & Operations 2 Years 2 24-12-2015 DETAILS
BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT EXECUTIVE Bangalore & Chennai Business Development 2 to 4 Years 2 6-01-2016 DETAILS
EXECUTIVE FACILITY ADMINISTRATOR Bangalore & Chennai Office Administration 2 To 4 Years 2 6-01-2016 DETAILS
SYSTEM ADMINISTRATOR Bangalore & Chennai Networking & Hardware 2 to 3 years 2 3/1/2016 DETAILS
ITES Recruiters Bangalore & Pune HR & Recruitment 1 to 4 Years 6 24-12-2015 DETAILS



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At QSource, we make sure we take good care of our employees. We believe and understand that their hard work and dedication is the main driving force behind our company's success. Thus we make sure we continually reward them through different ways. We give our employees competitive pay and excellent benefits, along with a positive work environment built on mutual respect and professionalism.

Qualified applicants are considered for employment, and employees are treated during employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, national origin, age, etc,.

We give our employees numerous opportunities to grow personally and professionally. They get a chance to undergo special training programs, which ensures that our employees are continually strengthening their skill set and developing as individuals.

We invite you to build and advance your career with QSource and help contribute to the future success of our company.


  • Partnership with QSource Global Mid-Level Executive Search developed when our firm required strategic hires for a Software Architect, a Finance Manager, and a Training Manager. I really appreciate QSource’s focus in learning about our business and the positions at hand—as well as their open communications throughout the search projects. Contributions by selected QSource candidates have resulted in value to our firm’s ability to meet business objectives with high caliber professionalism.

    Banking Captive
  • QSource has successfully manage to deliver niche demand in India within the desired SLA. We would like to thank QSource team for the effort put up to honor the commitment made to business. This has further enhanced and strengthened our confidence in the relationship and delivery capabilities in contractor workforce space.

    Leading IT-Service Provider


Corporate Office: Bangalore

QSource Global Consulting Private Limited
Sigma Chamber, 3rd Floor, HAL 3rd stage,
Jeevan Bhima Nagar Main Road,
Phone: 080-46329500.

Chennai Office:

QSource Global Consulting Private Limited
“Siddharth” 1ST Floor, #S-16, 15th Main Road,
Thiru-Vi-Ka Industrial Estate, Guindy,
Chennai- 600032.
Phone: +91 44 4220 4400.

Vizag Office:

QSource Global Consulting Private Limited
45-57-17/2, Narasimha Nagar,
Rythu Bazar Road,
Visakhapatnam - 530024.
Phone: +91-891-272 2272.

Pune Office:

The IPlex Pvt.Ltd.
1st Building, Ground Floor, Unit No.8,
Commerzone, Samrat Ashok Path, Jail Road,
Yerwada Pune – 411006.
Phone: +9120-66088908.

USA Office:

#222, W Las Colinas Blvd,
#550 East, Irving,
Texas- 75039,
Fax: 001 – 214 630 1481.
Phone: +001 -972 432 2872.

UK Office:

DAWS House, DAWS Lane,
London - NW7 4SD,
Phone: +44-113 350 8855.

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